How to Fix HP Printer Problems in Windows 10?

Printers are widely popular accessories run with computers but also they are most prone to technical troubles. If you are running Windows OS and after upgrade to Windows 10, you might face some technical issues while using HP printer with Windows 10. Here to get steadfast tips and HP Technical Support, it is advisable to connect with experts.


If we talk about Windows 10, then it is fairly a solid program, specifically when most of the users upgraded to it. But it is very common to encounter or face troubles with electronic devices as nothing is perfect. Below, find out the best tips to deal with HP’s printer problems with Windows operating system-

Open the Printers control panel:

The foremost step that needs to be performed simply searches for the printer in Windows 10 search dialogue box and then choose “Devices and Printer” from the list. This will open the printers “Control Panel Pane”

Troubleshoot a connected printer:

Check Windows for your printer, it might be listed under the “printer or unspecified”. If you find the printer right-click it and then select “Troubleshoot” from the menu. Follow the onscreen instructions for further preference

Check if your printer is installed:

Here, check the installed printer in the list by clicking “Start” button and then go to the “Setting”- “Devices”- “Printer and Scanners”

Tell Windows 10 to search for an older printer:

Once your printer is detected, then follow any on-screen instructions to install it. Here Windows will automatically download and install the necessary drivers. If it is not in the list, click the “The printer that I want is not in the list option”. Then you will get different option; follow one of them to deal with the problem

For more help and support, you can simply have HP Printer Customer Support by calling us at our toll-free (+1-877-645-7494) number. Here, you will get complete support under the supervision of trained and skilled technicians who are responsible for dealing with any complicated issues or problems associated with HP printer.


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